Understand Yourself To DO Better!

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2019

When we understand ourselves better, we Do better!

Before we even begin, before our eyes were open, our brains were searching for social meaning and connection.  We are social from beginning to end!  We're not an island.  We all are connected.

The child brain is different in girls and boys to the age of 8.  Boys' brains learn through body movement and physical play the most til 8.  Then, they're ready to sit and learn.  

All stages of the brain need body movement for activation.  If you don't move, your brain literally shrinks!

2 things with an adolescent brain, is that this age craves new experiences and new relationships so much that, they will take high risks for these rewards to the fault of not thinking who else could be hurt by this.  Also, its important to speak with this age group with stories of your own experiences because this age group lacks the experiences in the brain to bounce off of.

With our adult brains, movement and good...

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When Doctors Have “Bad Attitudes” This Is What They Do

attitude of gratitude Nov 18, 2019

We've all been faced with good times, challenges and bad times.

The peaks of life and shadows of death face us all.  

The question is, "What attitude will you choose going through it all?"

Choosing to have an attitude of gratitude in the highs and lows of life is key.

The Power of choice is one thing that nobody can take away from you.  Don't ever give anyone and/or anything permission to make you feel certain ways.

Be the master of your own ship with how you choose to feel and act.  This has everything to do with your happiness.

So Are you going to take the challenge of:

1)  Choosing Gratitude in every situation?  Take the this challenge and write down 5 things you thankful for daily for 1 month?  You won't be disappointed.

2)  Choosing to be the student of life first?  When we choose to be the student first in anything and everything, the Teacher can then appear in front of us.  A Master is always the student first.

I'm grateful for you...

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Right and Wrong Role Models - And a Little Pointer That Will Increase Your Relationships

role models Nov 11, 2019

Do you choose the right role models and relationships?  Are you struggling with your relationships?

Who do you go to for advice?

Our brains work in relationships.

Our health is the most affected by our relationships.

So going forward in this New decade choose 2 Role Models to follow and collaborate with that truly love you and will tell you what you need to hear.

I heard from John Maxwell that the worst kind of excuse is a stinking good one. We need a circle around us that won't let us get away with our stinking good excuses, and love us in the process.

So First, Write down what your best relationships and Role Models look like for this New decade.

Second, Write down and choose 2 New role models you'll have going forward into the new decade!

Yours in Love & Health

Dr Howard Dennis, CHPC

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Your Next 3 Clarity Steps for the New Decade!

clarity Nov 05, 2019

Are words important to you?

Is being present in the moment important to you?

What does your best self lk like going forward in this new decade?

Pre-Frame what you want your best self to Be and look like to others & yourself going forward.

Pick 3 of your best words to live by.

What 3 words would describe your life worthy to put on your headstone?

Put that in for Noon as a Daily phone reminder Now! ... 

What emoji would you put by each word? Do that Now. 

What avatar would represent all 3 in 1? Pick & Draw that Now! 

3, 2, 1, GO! ... 

Stop. Do. Be!

Hope this serves you well!

Yours In Light

Dr Howard Dennis, CHPC


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What To Do When You Feel that Departure From Health in a Moment's Notice!

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2019
  1. Lay Down with It
  2. Eat Anti-Inflammatory 
  3. Take Adaptogens and Whole Food Supplements (Ex. Congaplex and Andrographis Complex have always worked like Magic for me).

Lay down with it seems so basic, but common sense is not common practice.  Rest.  Hydrate.  Heal.

Micronutrients like Organic salads with organic walnuts, olive oil and apple cider vinegar.  Also Organic Bone Broth is Great!  Drink it warm in your coffee cup!  Remember, where calcium is low, viruses grow!

Right when you feel that departure from health and are like, "Oh no! I feel like I'm getting sick!", Thats when I hammer the Congaplex and Andrographis Complex!  Take 4 Congaplex with 1 Andrographis 3-4x's a day until you feel better which is called PRN.  Then quit, and save what's left for another 'Rainy Day'!

I'm suppose to say consult your physician before you do this but most physicians & people are cover your symptoms up minded v. build your Immune System & Health...

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2 Ways To Win Your Fall

#nextbeststep #selfhelp Aug 08, 2019

 Working on and having a great mindset is huge. 

Having a mindset that everything worthwhile is always uphill positions your Best Self.

It prepares the mind to be mature about the challenges in your journey.

So What’s the next best step for you?  What does that lk, feel, smell and sound like?  

  1. Journal this out.  Getting your senses involved along with writing will pre-suade your next Best self!
  2. Commit to making this a transition month to get momentum into your next quarter!  Getting Clear and committing are essential!

Yours In Your Next Best Self,

Dr Howard Dennis, DC, CHPC

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2 Energizers to Stay in the Game of Life

 Hello and Hope you're making a Wonder-Full Day out of your day!  I'm Dr Howard Dennis, Certified High Performance Coach and runner of a full time practice (& have been for 23 years)!  Wow!  How time flies!

I was listening to John Maxwell, Leadership Expert, and I wanted to share 2 Energizers that I hope you'll put on your dashboard of life daily that will serve you well.

  1. Make your Relationships #1 in your life!  Why?  Its the #1 thing for our health! If this is this case which it is, Keep this in the front of your mind.  When someone upsets you or they're being challenging, Forgive them.  Extend them the Mercy you want others to give you in life.  You'll be lighter for it and need this to collaborate well.  Simple but challenging!  Commit to Relationships Being the #1 Priority in Your Life!  Collaborate Well!  You'll Be Healthier for it!  
  2. BE 'All In'!  Give your 100% Daily!  Yes you and I can!...
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2 Words Relieve Tension and Stress

#balance Apr 14, 2019

Its important for us to create balance in life and to be flowing through all challenges whether labeled good or bad.

If we don't create that balance, we can get too rigid or anxiety ridden.

Words are power-full!

Put these 2 words in your phone as a reminder if...

You're feeling rigid and uptight, try these 2 words as reminders:

  1. "Flexible"
  2. "Flowing"

You're feeling chaotic and anxiety ridden, try these 2 words as reminders:

  1. "Calm" is
  2. "Strong"

How energy moves through our bodies is essential for our Well Be-ing!

When the storms hit the fan, Be Like Grass!

Yours In Light & Health,

Dr Howard Dennis, CHPC

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3 Free Proven Tips to Grow and Be Happier

growth relationships team Mar 27, 2019

Do you want to grow Your relationships, family, and business?

Do you feel stagnant or stuck in the mud?

If  you look around your inner circle and don’t get inspired, then you don’t have a circle. You have a cage.  

Try these 3 things, and Tell me what you think:

  1. Challenge yourself to do something New this week!  
  2. Create an experience (or really anything new this week).
  3. Involve Others.  Call a family or team meeting or with that special someone over a New meal, New restraunt or both.  Tell them/he/she these are the rules: read the last sentence for the rules.

Then ask this ‍Magical ‍ Question,  What can we do to improve our family, team and /or us?  

Let everyone Collaborate!  

Take notes .



W/ ,

Dr Howard Dennis, CHPC 

PS.  If this jives and you’d like some more relationship, personal and/or business growing tips, simply enter your name and email, and I’ll send you Free stuff...

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Are You Able to Hold One Moment?

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2019

Holding a moment in life, builds happiness and transforms others and you!  Try it today.  It’s free!

I believe this is also talked about in Brendon Burchard’s book, The Motivation Manifesto.  

We know happiness is built in our experiences in life.

It’s great to use when you’re leaving the house.  Go back to your loved one, child, spouse, partner and/or anyone, and simply tell them you love them one more time intently lking them in the eye holding that moment for 1 more second.

How hard is that?

When in a transitional moment even leaving a room, give that loved one a hug and/or express how much they mean to you. Hold that moment in time.

I was in a hurry the other day after exercising (aren’t we all), and simply held a moment with my 1 year old standard poodle Ziggy.  

You can do this & should in any transitional moment in life.

Implement it today and make the ‘small ‘ stuff count!  

Yours In Health &...

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