What’s Going to Make You Better This Year?


Forgive.  Suck it up!  Bite your lip, tongue or whatever it takes! It’s tough I know But worth it!  

Seek what matters and feel true Success come upon you.  Being open to new relationships, being vulnerable cause we may get hurt but that’s ok!  This is the good stuff.  

Hug OoOooO and Tell!  That’s right!   Matter fact I think tomorrow I’m going to have a contest of how many people I can hug and authentically tell what they mean to me!  

Watch your energy explode!  By doing these good works!  This isn’t fluff it’s real when you apply it!

So commit to just these 3 things and report back to me at the end of the year, and let me know how it’s TRANSFORMED You!

Yours In Health & Love

Dr Howard Dennis, Dc, CHPC 

PS_Want true Growth, Better  Energy, Deeper  levels of connection and to move to your next level?  I’ll give you a free session to see if you’re a...

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4 FREE 'To-Do's' to Acquire More Health & Wealth NOW!

highperformance Dec 14, 2018

Victor Frankl stated, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms - to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”  

So lets talk about our choices...

If we're stuck banking on a new move South, a new Harley, a Sunny day, Winter to leave or 'When this happens' to make us happy, we miss the 'present' which is this very moment where happiness lies.

For this moment is all that we have!

So let's take hold of this moment, and...

  1. Start being accountable.  What are 3 things that We can choose to be happy and thankful for in Our life where we're at right now?  Who will we share this with?  Write that down.
  2. Have a Song on your Heart.  Listen to beautiful music with great words.  Sing and Be Happy even through challenge which puts us in a position to serve at a Higher level.  What song can I sing that's positive and uplifting?  Can I make it a...
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Can we work on this?


Laughter that is and one other thing, too, but first...

While I was in the middle of getting my CHPC at Brendon Burchard's Certified High Performance Coaching Training surrounded by such great hearts & minds which can be intimidating if given permission, I thought about this...

You know, when we laugh , endorphins and many other health building chemicals in our bodies are released!  A University of Maryland study linked laughter to healthy blood vessels lowering the risk of heart attacks!

Also, laughter lights up our ’s pre-frontal cortexes which are where Our Best Selves Live !

Thus, Laughter Truly is Medicine !  

It's even Biblical.  In Proverbs 17:22 it states, "A merry heart doth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones."  

You know our bone marrow is in the core our bones and responsible for making red blood cells which carry oxygen - Our Life Blood!

Also, at Our core Our treasure can be found.  Are We fine tuning our...

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1 Stress Slaying To Do Tip Today!


This 1 Stress Slaying Tip neurologically and psychologically helps us Crawl Out of Our downstairs’ brain Transforming Renewing into Our Upstairs’ Brain.

This also stimulates Creativity which is 1 of the 7 Life Practices I love to preach  which’s essential for the Happy Life!

So get  your colored pencils and pens out!  Let’s go...

 I recommend drawing a repetitive seen of stress that negatively keeps popping up in your head as of late.  It may be ugly.  It may be a calm!  Either way, it’s an annoying scene.  Whatever it is, draw it!

For me, it’s my desk overran with countless tasks of paperwork out of order ! Awe it sends me into a frenzious monkey brain if I give it permission to!

Turn to your journal‘s next pg. 

Draw a Freedom Scene! To me it’s an eagle flying over a beautiful mountain set!  Sun shining bright!  Wind in my hair-I mean Feathers !  Freedom!...

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Decrease Pain and Increase Attention Without Drugs Now!


Disclaimer first!  Consult your Dr if this is safe to do for you, but then this in itself can be a problem!  Is your Doctor truly healthy?  Appearance doesn't mean your healthy!  

Dr BJ Palmer said something to the affect of that we have made our Gods to wear white lab coats and live in our medicine cabinets! 

I say thank God for medicine and emergency care BUT Let's think about Talk about  HEALTH and tackling symptoms naturally.

Remember comfort usually doesn't = healthy.  Also, healthy doesn't come from 1 bottle!  

There are many factors, and I'm merely touching the tip of this iceberg!  Also, realize We're accountable for Our Self!

Did you know we can reduce pain, inflammation, increase our attention and presence in our moments Naturally without pills or harmful medications Now?

Here's the gist of it!

When we incorporate body movements like cardio, running, jumping rope, punching a bag or insert any good body stressor activity here, we...

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2 Free Simple Steps to a New You


2 Simple Free Steps to a New You are:

  1. Find, Search out People with Success-Full Skillsets and Join them!  There is so much to this. Most of us are stuck in the Negativity, watching negative news, joining in Complaint Conversations, always pointing out the wrong and Not BE-ing solution oriented.  This puts us in a negative stunted Brain literally shrinking our brains and self inflicting Dumbing Down!  We are who we hang around and the topics of our conversations determine who we become.  Choose Well, Transform and Transcend!!
  2. Instead of taking a negative stand regarding the advances in technology, Robotics, Drones, Copying and Downloading the Human Brain, Artificial Intelligence, etc, Accept the Fact that the Future is here, alive and well.  We might as well use the technological advances of today for Good!  Stay abreast on what's New and incorporate AI in our lives for Better Choices.  Keep a Great attitude on the Now and Future.  Keep a...
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3 Choices For Greater Connection

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2018

I know, shakey video, but has good messages.  Also, the way my Beautiful Son greets me as I turn the corner walking towards my gate is a Master-Full Moment.

This leads me to:

Choice #1: Choose to Be Open and Observatory!

We are 80% sensory and should use this strength to Win Our Moments. 

We're constantly being bombarded with endless information and stimuli day in and day out.   

Many of us carry this harbored energy clamped down in our bodies blocking new relationships, experiences, connections and even making us ill.

Practice being an open receiver not a closed defender.

Choice #2: Pray, chill and meditate often.  Be Cool Man!  This and Body work help our flow, flexibility and to connect.  It's all about We Not Me!

Choice #3: We Will All Win When We Choose to Bring Our Best Energy!  This isn't about being fake happy. 

No matter what tragedy or high we're going through, Bring it!  Others that are open get it. 

Life is...

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Where Your Eyes Go You Go...


This is so much more than what attention I've given this today, but...

This is worth it's weight in Gold!

Simply put, We go where our eyes go!

If we repetitively have them in flexion which is almost everything we do nowadays,

Then, we're Wiring Ourselves to go DOWN!

I've heard and seen it!  We're born

in flexion.  We die in flexion!

We need to stay in extension like...

the SuperHero Humans We are with our eyes at the Horizon!

OK!  Enough Chitty Chat!

Do these 2 things:

(1)  Keep your eyes at the horizon.  Get your workstations, computers, laptops, screens, TV's, Smart-really?-phones, Books, Book/Phone Holders @ the horizon standing or sitting!

(2)  Exercise your Back!  If you workout, do it Twice as much as your Chest!  Yes, Even if your not into lifting,  Do Scapula retractions 3x/week With your arms in the shape of a Y, W, T, L and then arms in for 3 sets of each at 15-20 reps to counter act what the flexion position is doing to us!...

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Here are 2 Quick Ways to Cut Back Inflammation

inflammation Jul 10, 2018

We all must manage inflammation in our lives.  Every choice for the good we make adds up day in and day out!  Here are 2 Simple Action Steps to decrease inflammation in our lives today:

  1. Get plenty of water, cruciferous vegetables, greens, good fats, low carbs, and mid to low protein to keep inflammation down.
  2. Manage our thoughts and actions!  Garbage out garbage in.  Garbage in garbage out.  It goes both ways (and so do smiles:).  When we harp and complain, this increases stress levels, cortisol levels and puts us in our basement brains!  We have a complaining epidemic in this world!  It's killing us!  I have people coming in to my office complaining of the rain like that makes a day bad.  No you choose it and label it that way.  If it's too hot, we blame a bad day on it!  Like this person was going to go out and enjoy the day if it was cooler.  They were going to stay in the A-C under roof all day anyways and watch...
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How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying, "No, I Haven't Done It, But I've Been Meaning to!"?

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2018

How often do we give resistance permission to guide us?

Permission in the form of doubt, delay,  food, drugs (legal and/or illegal),  cleaning the same shelf 50 times, worrying what other people think, say, do...

or even loved ones trying to protect you from what they don't understand you're becoming because you're Not showing them cause you're too darn distracted?

In this age of comfort, technology has given us endless forms of distraction(s) and even Hogwash that we need this pill, gadget or special gizmo Be this or Become that!  

There has been no greater Times than NOW to Get Back On Purpose!  

Because, NOW is ALL that we have!

Whatever We want to do, accomplish, Not to do or just BE, We have to set our Intentions and Have More Purpose in Our Lives.

Incorporate these 2 FREE Purpose Builders TODAY and Don't Look Back:

  1. Do it for the Love of it!  Ask yourself,  If I was the last person on the planet, would I still (ex. knit, lift, run, basket weave,...
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