Uncategorized May 25, 2020

Hello Accountability Team!

I'd first like to challenge you to buy a journal for this 30 Day journey.  

Have a daily post of what you can get excited about this day?  Write that down.

Then ask yourself...

What are 3 words I want others to see me as and that I want to see myself as?  What are 3 words to live by?  What are 3 words I would put on my headstone?  Write that down.

Now would you share your 3 words and why you picked them?

Mine are:

(1) Love - It's the greatest of all!

(2) Laughter - Got to be able to laugh at myself.

(3) Fluid - Able to go through or around anything.

Now, put your 3 words in your phone as a daily reminder.  I'd recommend a great transition time for you like right before you start your work day or right before lunch.  Do that now.

Yours For The Better

Dr Howard Dennis