Mekesha Bowling Fundraiser

Growing up with my Mother battling M.S. and later colon cancer, Finances & insurance were 2 big challenges!  But with my community of generous hearts, light scattered the dark!  These memories still help me transcend difficult times!

 We here at EC have set aside Friday July 30th to donate All fees received for services to the Bowling Family.  We will also will be taking donations for the month of July for this family and their beautiful children’s needs as Mekesha & Justin travel for treatments while her Mom cares for their children.

 If you have an opportunity to give to this young family, I implore you to call us at 423.542.3337 to make a donation via cash, check, credit, debit cared or Simply click a donation button below.  If you would like to give another amount not seen here, please call the number given above.  Let’s make a difference for the good, and Show the power of love that transcends all.  Let’s reflect it back!  We will not disappoint!


Dr Howard Dennis, DC, CHPC, Charlie Adams, CTA, CXT, Ginny Grindstaff, and Joy Young, CTA (Your EC Family)!

P.S.  Please Read Below

Mekesha Bowling, mother of 3, is dealing with a form of cancer called Multiple Myeloma.  Her insurance has not fully paid for her treatments, but there is good news.  Mekesha says, “In my mind, soul, and heart, I’ve beat this! Cancer opened my mind, it has made me live more carefree, and it’s given me a closer relationship to God. Sometimes things happen that stops us in our tracks, it’s God giving us an opportunity to show his work.

Today was my day to show his work. We met my new doctor today and he was amazed with how remarkable my work up was. He said looking at where I started at, the myeloma should’ve been eating me up with all the lesions and tumors. He was happy to inform that was not the case. I’m not considered high risk myeloma nor is it as aggressive. The light chains that determine MM are faint and not many of them in my blood. Guys, that’s the Lord’s work!! Before you doubt what I’m saying, the only treatment I have received was radiation that helped the tumor but nothing to tackle the cancer.

I will start my treatment next week and I will be able to have it done in Knoxville so I’m not traveling so much… another prayer answered!

I can’t thank you all enough for the prayers you are sending up because God has me so covered and is using me to show don’t let anyone or anything determine your fate.”

-Mekesha Bowling


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