Tools and Strategies For Your Success!

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2020

Are you having some challenges of staying focused, trying to get ahead?  Do you seem stuck in the mud and want to be more influential in your life?

Do you need tools and strategy to be more productive, influential, and successful? I can help if that's the case!

Join my program if you're ready to break through to your next level and break through barriers to become more productive, more influential, to get ahead in life.

Click on the link HERE or below.  Fill out the application.  Send it back to me.

I would love to go through this and see if you're a great fit for this High Performance program. I will get back with you.

I want to teach you what the world's most successful, influential, accomplished people do and give you five principals on how they master their mind, body, their energy, their influence with others, loved ones, those close to them, and family.

Go Click the link HERE or below, sign up with your email, fill out the application and email back to me....

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3 Investments With Guaranteed Return

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2020

Have you been challenged with investments you've been making or made?
However, there're 3 Free investments with a guaranteed return:  

  1. Invest in something Bigger than You that’s worthy.  Read something inspirational first thing to win your mornings. Go volunteer for a worthy cause.  Visit the sick. Recycle.
  2. Invest in yourself.  Read, write, sing, paint or play an instrument. Do a Free course online or purchase one. I recently just did a Free Pixar storytelling class. It was excellent!  Invest in yourself to Be better for yourself and ...
  3. Invest in someone else.  Be a mentor. Coach someone. Pour into others because you can!  Do it without expectation of return.  Your returns will come back tenfold!

Practice these simple investments routinely with great dividends to follow! Go! Be a light today!

Yours In Health and Success 

Dr Howard W Dennis, DC, CHPC 

PS.  1. Invest in something Bigger than you like to a Great...

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Do These 3 Steps For Your Best Day Ever!


Are you going through a tough time in life or maybe you’re at the top of your game flying high.

Wherever you’re at, there are 3 things you can do to make your best day ever! For all you have is now.

  1. Set your intention 1st thing in the morning by asking yourself, ”What 1 thing am I going to do great today?”  
  2. At lunch, have a halftime check, and reevaluate!  Choose to make a special moment for your afternoon bt asking, "What special can I make it happen this afternoon?"
  3. Finally at the end of your afternoon reset, and ask yourself, how will I finish my evening strong? What’s 1 moment I can make special tonight?  Then, ...

Do it!

Being intentional about creating your moments is the good stuff in life!  It builds on what matters and increases your happiness.

Go make this your best day ever! Share with others how you do it!

Yours In Health & Success

Dr Howard Dennis, DC, CHPC

P.S. Remember, First, set your intention determining what...

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Uncategorized Feb 09, 2020

Can visualizing or making the time to visualize challenge you?

  1. Make the time for fun with loved ones, to think, to re-create and visualize. What do you foresee yourself accomplishing and why?
  2. Foresee the struggles you overcome going through the process. How they'll feel as you go around, through and over them?
  3. See your end result. Feel it fully. Literally put your hands over your heart and tell yourself the gratitude & the good accomplished in the process for your identity integration. Also, Where will you celebrate and with who after you've accomplished your goal

These steps may seem simple but don't overlook them like my best friend did until he laid down with his battle with Lou Gehrig's disease.

Finally, Go! Then, repeat the process again...

If you'd like help creating your next best steps in life, Simply click HERE for a discounted 1 Hour Certified High Performance Session with me, Dr. Dennis.

Yours In Success & Health 

Dr Howard Dennis, ...

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Uncategorized Feb 04, 2020

 Got my TN banjo music playing, and I’m ready for this New day!

Everyday should be treated as New cause it is!

I like to keep it simple. Take the complex day, and reduce it down to the simple. This is an Art! By the way, Art is creative which stimulates the part of your brain where your best Self lives!

What 2 simple actions can you do to keep things real & New?

  1. I use a planner daily. In work and my days off. During my first hour of being awake, I review my schedule & write on it. Then later I go through each scheduled individual patient member with my team again. We discuss what’s  important, what’s going on with and pray. The point is we create, visualize, feel & write a plan. The more you do it, even if you have 1 event or 1 person to meet, the better you get! 
  2. During that 1st hour your awake, think, write down who and/or what you’re Not going to take for granted! Start doing this, make the time  and a different level of...
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3 Ways to Be Healthier

#drhowarddennis Jan 25, 2020


Being healthier is a challenge at the very least!

Did you know the food you eat and the vitamins you take could be poisoning you?

Your body recognizes Real Food.  Whole means complete. Real food is whole, complete and unadulterated.  Anything else, it treats as foreign.

Well here's 3 To-Do tips for you to be a whole, healthier Be-ing!

  1. Go Gluten-Free.  Read the book Wheat Belly if you need the science and research behind eating gluten free. 
  2. Go Organic. This is your best chance of having cleaner fuel that isn't sprayed with neuro-toxic bug & weed killer which gets absorbed by the food you eat.
  3. Eat non-GMO.  This way your food isn't genetically modified with crazy stuff you wouldn't believe (so I won't put it here) to withstand the toxic sprays for 'better yields'!

 So go do this and shine brighter today for it!

Yours In Health and Success

Dr Howard Dennis, Certified High Performance Coach

PS. To sum the Whole Food thing up: 

  1. Go...
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#failforward Jan 21, 2020

Are you going through a challenging time right now?  Have you ever been on the short end of the stick?

How'd that make you feel?  Did you take it out on anyone?  Did it make you a better person? Did it help you make someone else a better person?

Lets face it.  Life is a series of ups and downs.  

We need to choose accountability to go forward in a better way.  We can also can be a light for something bigger than ourselves, for God 'in season, out of season' as Paul says in 2 Tim 4:2.

What are 2 things right now that you can do to defeat defeat, and be a light in darkness?

  1. Simply write a note or statement of action of what you're going to do differently.  What do you think? What do you know?  What do you believe?  What are you going to do?  Then, Act on it!
  2. Choose your emotions.  Choose to be a light in your day. Bring your joy!

These are 2 ways to defeat defeat.

Just remember, there are no failures only results.  Fail...

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Uncategorized Jan 07, 2020

What are 2 ways you could make positive use of your time?

Time  is full of swift transition.

Thinking of how fast time has went makes me think of the Bible verse...

James 4:14 whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.

We need to make time for the simple, important things.

The way to do that is schedule it.

  1. Make the time to make a note of endearment weekly.  Do it on a Post-It note, napkin or in a card.  Just Do It!
  2. Make the time to make that call to a loved one, to that growth friend, or to that person you desire to be more in your life.

Great relationships take work, but they're the most important thing in our lives!

Remember, common sense is not common practice.  You never have the time!  You make the time!

Go Do and Shine Today!

Yours In Health

Dr Howard Dennis, Certified High Performance Coach



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How Mercy Makes You Better

forgiveness Dec 31, 2019

Have you ever had challenges with forgiveness?

We all have!

But when you don't forgive, all those around you suffer especially you!

With this continued burden, cortisol levels can rise which affects insulin resistance and can cause thickening of the artery walls.  

Your Immune system declines, too, with prolonged stress levels, and weight gain ensues not to mention the toll it has on your brain's vibrancy and size!

Going forward as your best self takes a lighter load for better vision, judgement and energy.

So What are your first To-Do's?

Think!  Realize we all have our blind spots and need each other's mercy for true personal growth and mastery. 

First, Be open to forgive.  What do you need to forgive yourself for doing or not doing going forward today?  Get clear on this.  Is carrying this or these burdens serving you or anyone?

Second, who do you need to extend mercy to?  Being open and forgiving heals and strengthens relationships which are the...

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Do You Make Time To Think?

Uncategorized Dec 22, 2019

Do you make the time to think?

Common sense is not common practice.

In this digital age of Now, everything is pulling us for our immediate attention.

Did you know the avg person looks at their phone 80 times per day?

So, are you carving out your schedule times to think?

First, Create Your Spot in your house where you're going to think.  Make it a place of gratitude.

Walking can be a great time to think, too.  Movement activates the best part of our brains which primes our Best thinking.

Second, surround yourself with positive, Big thinkers who will stretch & challenge your thinking.

If you'd like to do a 1-on-1 Strategy Coaching Session with me, Dr Dennis, Simply click Here.  I'll help you design your ideal map for this next year of growth.  It'll be great!

Make time to do these 2 things today to expand your horizons of growth.

Go out there and Shine today!

Yours In Health & Success

Dr Howard Dennis, Certified High Performance Coach

PS. Just a recap....

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