Uncategorized Jun 05, 2020

Today we are going to review the first two 'T's of subluxation, and then get into the final and third 'T' of subluxation - Toxins and how they affect our daily lives and habits.

As a refresher for our Thoughts (the 1st 'T'), pick 3 words to live by.  What are 3 words you'd be proud to put on your tombstone? Put these 3 words in your phone as a daily reminder to live by.

To decrease the negative effects of repetitive Trauma (the 2nd 'T'), Keep your eyes at the horizon. Get your digital devices at the horizon. Do more back and scapula retraction exercises in your workouts.

The 3rd 'T' is Toxins. What toxins can you eliminate in your life?

1. What ingredients are in your foods? Are they processed, non-GMO and GF? The foods we eat either take away or add toxins. Beets and cruciferous vegetables are great for our kidney and liver health which are filters of our bodies.

2. What are you using for cleaning agents in your house? Are they organic? Are they toxic?  Do they have fragrances which are hormone disruptors in them?

3. What are you using to wash your body? What are you using for deodorant? Our armpits are very porous and sensitive to Aluminum. Many have wised up to this and purchase sulfate, paraben & fragrance free body soaps, shampoos and Aluminum free deodorants.  

So let's act on this information. Clean up your foods. Incorporate safer cleaning agents and deodorant. Do non GMO foods with few ingredients. Use vinegar and water to clean. Use all natural soaps, detergents, deodorant and toothpaste for the health of it!

Our health is built on our daily choices. Do 1 change per day for 30 days!  Build your health.  Incorporate gratitude at the end of each day.

Go Be that Bright Light You can Be Today!

Yours In Health & Success
Dr Howard Dennis, Certified High Performance Coach

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