When Doctors Have “Bad Attitudes” This Is What They Do

attitude of gratitude Nov 18, 2019

We've all been faced with good times, challenges and bad times.

The peaks of life and shadows of death face us all.  

The question is, "What attitude will you choose going through it all?"

Choosing to have an attitude of gratitude in the highs and lows of life is key.

The Power of choice is one thing that nobody can take away from you.  Don't ever give anyone and/or anything permission to make you feel certain ways.

Be the master of your own ship with how you choose to feel and act.  This has everything to do with your happiness.

So Are you going to take the challenge of:

1)  Choosing Gratitude in every situation?  Take the this challenge and write down 5 things you thankful for daily for 1 month?  You won't be disappointed.

2)  Choosing to be the student of life first?  When we choose to be the student first in anything and everything, the Teacher can then appear in front of us.  A Master is always the student first.

I'm grateful for you...

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