3 Healthy Habits

health journal self help Jan 18, 2018

There are 3 things we should journal daily to improve our quality of life, health & happiness.

  1. Reflect Daily:  What happened?  What did I learn?  What can I do better?  
  2. Bring your day to the present Daily in your journal with a statement of gratitude.  
  3. Future pace your actions going forward Daily in your journal with clear action steps & positive outcomes noted.

Good or bad face the realities with a student of life outlook honoring our challenges in this amazing journey we have in life.  Go out there, get a journal, start and discover how rich life can be.  Shine your light today.  This world needs light!

Yours In Health

Dr. Howard Dennis

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Let's Make 2018 Our Best Year Ever!!

dr howard dennis Jan 10, 2018

Happy Belated 2018!!  Let's not let doubt and delay hold us back anymore!  Let's move our bodies, activate our brains, make this year our best ever going forward, serving, learning, teaching and being the example we need to be for each other!  Go Shine your light!

-Dr. Dennis

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3 Steps To Being Alive

Uncategorized May 24, 2017


I wouldn't waste much time implementing this life changing practice into your life.  The benefits are priceless to say the least.  So let's get started!  Click Here.  Account the Adventure!

#1) Do Monthly Challenges and start off each day of 5 things your Grateful for.  This not only gets your thoughts and mind in the right frame.  It also leaves behind a priceless treasure to be left behind for friends and loved ones.  Try it!

#2) Reflect Weekly.  At the end of your week, account for your week's adventures.  This could be as simple as watching two rabbits playing in the yard on this beautiful Spring day to a specific moment with a loved one.  Do it!

#3) Account Daily. Journal one take home lesson that you've learned for the present day.  Invest in Yourself!

Like these comments?  Then please share them today!  Thank you and Shine your light today!

3 Steps to Feeling More Alive

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3 Things I Learned Tonight!

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2017

Solomon said there's nothing New under the sun.  I sure am glad for those who like to stoke the positive fire even if I didnt hear something New!  Its the way I heard it.  3 Thoughts & Takeaways:

  1. It's NOT that I've tried Everything!  Its about What to Stop and What to Start! (Initiative)
  2. Let's Do Our Best in Defeat and Victory, Lead w/ Integrity & Compassion. (Poise)  "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." -Abraham Lincoln

  3. Service with Mission, New Actions, New Behaviors, & New Choices produces true success.  (Confidence)

Thank you Brendon Burchard, John Wooden and John Maxwell for encouragement.

-Dr Howard W Dennis

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