Uncategorized Apr 01, 2020

Another week is here, and COVID-19 is still a major factor in our lives. There is no immunity to this frustration.  Some new false story, true story and/or restriction seems to come at us everyday.

There's much we can’t control, but we still have plenty of influence.  We can control only the way in which we respond.  This is what will define us.

 So I have a great exercise to help you and me control and influence ourselves and others around us better, but...

First, ask, "How can I serve others at a higher level?"

Then do it!

Now, grab a journal, and list 10 people who've influenced you the most in your life.  Write a brief statement of what they taught you that you'll share with someone else.  

One huge influence in my life was Dr. Charley F. Ward. He was a master adjustor and teacher of the Gonstead method of Chiropractic which is a specific Chiropractic adjusting technique.  He taught me how to obsessively visualize my line of correction to correct the patient's subluxation or misaligned vertebrae causing nerve pressure. 

There's nothing wrong with obsessing over any good process inside, out, at every angle in time and see the end outcome.  

How does this look through the process and at the end of it? 

Another one of my 10 is my Mother.  She unconditionally loved me.  She was a single mother who enthusiastically expressed her pride in me regularly.  She loved me!

This taught me when you have someone that believes in you, you've got a champion in your corner.  That's the greatest feeling.  Show them your appreciation.  Value them!  Reciprocate that belief!

Here's another thing about belief...

I heard John Maxwell say he knows many people who've overcome the naysayers and succeeded, but he's never known any successful person to succeed without believing in themselves.  

Go through these 10 people who influenced you incredibly.  Pick a few.  Share them with somebody.  Then, encourage them to do the same.

It's amazing how you can serve someone by encouraging them.  This is good medicine in these times.

Grab your journal, a pen and go through this lesson!  Then, Go out there and Be a light today!!

Yours In Health & Success 

Dr Howard Dennis, Certified High Performance Coach

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