2 Words Relieve Tension and Stress

#balance Apr 14, 2019

Its important for us to create balance in life and to be flowing through all challenges whether labeled good or bad.

If we don't 🏄create that balance, we can get too rigid or anxiety ridden.

Words are 💥power-full💥!

Put these 2 words in your phone as a reminder if...

You're feeling rigid🔨 and uptight, try these 2 words as reminders:

  1. "Flexible"
  2. "Flowing"

You're feeling chaotic and 🌪anxiety ridden, try these 2 words as reminders:

  1. "Calm" is
  2. "Strong"

How energy moves through our bodies is essential for our Well Be-ing!

When the ⛈storms🌪 hit the fan, Be Like Grass🌾!

Yours In Light & Health,

Dr Howard Dennis, CHPC

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