2 Energizers to Stay in the Game of Life

 Hello and Hope you're making a Wonder-Full Day out of your day!  I'm Dr Howard Dennis, Certified High Performance Coach and runner of a full time practice (& have been for 23 years)!  Wow!  How time flies!

I was listening to John Maxwell, Leadership Expert, and I wanted to share 2 Energizers that I hope you'll put on your dashboard of life daily that will serve you well.

  1. Make your Relationships #1 in your life!  Why?  Its the #1 thing for our health! If this is this case which it is, Keep this in the front of your mind.  When someone upsets you or they're being challenging, Forgive them.  Extend them the Mercy you want others to give you in life.  You'll be lighter for it and need this to collaborate well.  Simple but challenging!  Commit to Relationships Being the #1 Priority in Your Life!  Collaborate Well!  You'll Be Healthier for it!  
  2. BE 'All In'!  Give your 100% Daily!  Yes you and I can!  Everyday will l👀k different, but be methodical.  Thinking like this is important to me and I hope you.  You can't give 50% today and then make up for it tomorrow and give 150%  The most you can give any day is 100% so make today and everyday your masterpiece!  It's like writing daily.  Just do your Good Work to Slay🤺 the Dragon of Resistance and Make Today Matter!

Hope this Makes you Think about What's Important because if you and I don't, this Disease of CPA (Continuous Passive Attention) is going to reign in your and my life and We’ll continue to be like the Mindless Herd.  We’ll fall for anything, and be good for nothing!

God Bless!

Yours In Light

Dr Howard Dennis, DC, CHPC

PS. Be ‘All In’ Daily, and Make Your Relationships #1 Priority.  Focus!  Be Light!  Hope this serves and Go Here to subscribe to my New YouTube Channel.  I'll do my best to keep the content fresh and relevant to give you Tools to have a Happier more Success-Full Life: https://youtu.be/iDqw5GBaccM