How Mercy Makes You Better

forgiveness Dec 31, 2019

Have you ever had challenges with forgiveness?

We all have!

But when you don't forgive, all those around you suffer especially you!

With this continued burden, cortisol levels can rise which affects insulin resistance and can cause thickening of the artery walls.  

Your Immune system declines, too, with prolonged stress levels, and weight gain ensues not to mention the toll it has on your brain's vibrancy and size!

Going forward as your best self takes a lighter load for better vision, judgement and energy.

So What are your first To-Do's?

Think!  Realize we all have our blind spots and need each other's mercy for true personal growth and mastery. 

First, Be open to forgive.  What do you need to forgive yourself for doing or not doing going forward today?  Get clear on this.  Is carrying this or these burdens serving you or anyone?

Second, who do you need to extend mercy to?  Being open and forgiving heals and strengthens relationships which are the...

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