The three-step to open up that really works. (and Seriously makes you happier)


You've probably dealt with the know it alls, the nose raisers and the toppers who top anything you got and then some.  Maybe you've also seen those who should just get their garbage together and get a life.  

I know.  Speak for yourself.  Right, Dr. Dennis?  RIght.  I've been on both sides of the coin, too, but...

Haven't we all?  

You know if Relationships are one of the most important things in life, these behaviors need to be dealt with in the best way possible in our own situations.  

First things first, it starts with self.  Am I taking these closed hard stances?  Am I mad all the time?  Have I been acting like I know it all, being critical and using my tongue more than ears?  

You know we're all mirrors of our relationships.  How are they going?

Like it or not, studies show that having the open and 'Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have' attitude is superior to the critical & judgemental attitude, and this is proven to lead to a happier self.  

Thus, being a better light for others.  I know.  Easier said than done, but...

This puts us in our best frames of mind which is the pre-frontal cortex or our upstairs brain.  Choosing to be open and the mindset we all have our own 'worlds' going on, and we're just doing the best we can with what we have positions us to be open with a more serving mindset which fits with our design's strengths.  

Maybe the young man that just cut you off in traffic is on his final warning for being late @ work, with a pregnant wife at home, on bed rest and just trying to make the bills. Maybe, those in line in front of us with the unruly kids have all just went through a traumatic event. Maybe the unsmiling face in front of you has more hurt going on in the moment than you've ever experienced in a lifetime.  Maybe there's a conspiracy experiment going on to see just how much we can take?  We just don't know! Do we? So we shouldnt try to.

 Maybe its lay off the carbs, increase the good fats or oh great, here's more health care advice!  See Low Fat Lies High-Fat FraudWheat Belly, Grain Brain or The Great Cholesterol Myth

So here's the point.  3 points!  

Point One: If you feel yourself closing up, getting critical, too lecturie or mirroring some other unwanted exorcist behavior, excuse yourself immediately and breathe. Breathe deep multiple times.  Strange, but Oxygen does the body good!  Just Breathe*!

If you can't get away, seriously, stick your finger up your nose & tell them your having issues.  Want to talk about putting yourself and others in the right frame of mind!  You'll both smile & get into your upstairs brains!  

Point Two:  Realize the person across from you just may have too much or too little going on with them, and this just may be the best moment for their moment (and maybe yours).  So say one genuine compliment or genuinely express your love.  This is an upstairs best brain moment!

Point Three:  Move your body.  This stimulates your upstairs brain which is your best self, and literally puts you in your best frame of mind. If you have to pull over and do this, then seriously do this.  If you can't get away, pinch yourself or tap over your body (check out tapping techniques).  The point is to get out of our basement brains & into our upstairs brains!  

Do the work for yourself and others! 

Stop & roll!  I mean Stop & breathe, compliment, move and shine your Light today! 

Yours In Health, Light & Love,

Dr Howard Dennis

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P.P.S.  By the way, listen Here to the words of Pearl Jam's song *Just Breathe - Beautiful!  The crazy thing is Willie Nelson covered this!  Click Here for Willie's cover. Go out there and Be your Best Self & Let Your Light Shine Today!