Right and Wrong Role Models - And a Little Pointer That Will Increase Your Relationships

role models Nov 11, 2019

Do you choose the right role models and relationships?  Are you struggling with your relationships?

Who do you go to for advice?

Our brains work in relationships.

Our health is the most affected by our relationships.

So going forward in this New decade choose 2 Role Models to follow and collaborate with that truly love you and will tell you what you need to hear.

I heard from John Maxwell that the worst kind of excuse is a stinking good one. We need a circle around us that won't let us get away with our stinking good excuses, and love us in the process.

So First, Write down what your best relationships and Role Models look like for this New decade.

Second, Write down and choose 2 New role models you'll have going forward into the new decade!

Yours in Love & Health

Dr Howard Dennis, CHPC

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