Decrease Pain and Increase Attention Without Drugs Now!


Disclaimer first!  Consult your Dr if this is safe to do for you, but then this in itself can be a problem!  Is your Doctor truly healthy?  Appearance doesn't mean your healthy!  

Dr BJ Palmer said something to the affect of that we have made our Gods to wear white lab coats and live in our medicine cabinets! 

I say thank God for medicine and emergency care BUT Let's think about Talk about  HEALTH and tackling symptoms naturally.

Remember comfort usually doesn't = healthy.  Also, healthy doesn't come from 1 bottle!  

There are many factors, and I'm merely touching the tip of this iceberg!  Also, realize We're accountable for Our Self!

Did you know we can reduce pain, inflammation, increase our attention and presence in our moments Naturally without pills or harmful medications Now?

Here's the gist of it!

When we incorporate body movements like cardio, running, jumping rope, punching a bag or insert any good body stressor activity here, we stimulate enkephalin and cortisol.

These naturally occur and are activated in our body and brain! 

Body movements activate our Trigemino-Cervial Complex (TCC) and Descending Inhibition Pathways which regulate/decrease pain, decrease inflammation & increase our presence.

This is neurology and physiology!  This is how were all wired!

Today's easements and marketing ploys to get Us on and stay on (insert whatever continuity product Here) for whatever Symptom, anxiety, pain, weight problem, lack of focus problem (big children's market here :(! )... etc. you can think of when body movement daily can and will change our lives for the good.

ANYTHING that keeps us from moving is really dumbing us down literally, ruining our common sense and skewing common practices!

So all of this is the 'Why" behind the Get Our Buttocks Moving!

Activate these natural Neural Pathways no matter what age we are!

Move Daily, Everyday preferably outside! 

Move Fellow Sojourner Move!


With Love

Dr Howard Dennis

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