Win Your Mornings Baby!

A common thread I see among the happy and successful is they rise up early and win their mornings.   There are so many variations of how you can win your morning but let me give you an example so you can 'plug & play' with it.  Share what you've found to work with me.  Let me know what you think!  So Check it out below:

  1. First things first, drink 20 ounces of water upon awakening (even if you're going to drink your coffee in a little bit).  Your dehydrated dude!  Drink!
  2. Activate your body to activate your brain with some form of Yoga, stretching and/or body movement.  I like to use a foam roller on my whole body which activates mechanoreceptors & proprioceptors (nerve cells that receive information, sense touch, pressure and sense your space in time which send those messages to your brain thus activating your 'upstairs' 'happy' brain).  I then use a lacrosse ball on my feet gently.  Your feet are the 2nd richest area of your body loaded with these mechano- and proprio- receptors (receivers of information).  (take approx. 20 min.).
  3. Read something motivational (whatever lights your fire!)  (Ex. the Bible, The Motivation Manifesto, The Book of Joy or Racing in the Rain (bring tissue) are a few good ones to start with.  (take about 20 min.).
  4. Then look @ your schedule of your day.  Review it, cut out what can go, carve out your activities that must stay to pull you towards your Big marks/goals and schedule one activity into your day that's going to light someone up or make one positive dent in this world today.  (take approx 20 min).

So There's a template.  Let me know how I can improve!  Go out there.  Win your mornings to win your day!  Be the light you can be!

Yours In Health, Love & Light,

Dr Howard Dennis