Where Your Eyes Go You Go...


This is so much more than what attention I've given this today, but...

This is worth it's weight in Gold!

Simply put, We go where our eyes go!

If we repetitively have them in flexion which is almost everything we do nowadays,

Then, we're Wiring Ourselves to go DOWN!

I've heard and seen it!  We're born

in flexion.  We die in flexion!

We need to stay in extension like...

the SuperHero Humans We are with our eyes at the Horizon!

OK!  Enough Chitty Chat!

Do these 2 things:

(1)  Keep your eyes at the horizon.  Get your workstations, computers, laptops, screens, TV's, Smart-really?-phones, Books, Book/Phone Holders @ the horizon standing or sitting!

(2)  Exercise your Back!  If you workout, do it Twice as much as your Chest!  Yes, Even if your not into lifting,  Do Scapula retractions 3x/week With your arms in the shape of a Y, W, T, L and then arms in for 3 sets of each at 15-20 reps to counter act what the flexion position is doing to us!  This will keep your eyeballs as upright as we can get 'em.

So go do this!  We, I mean Our Eyes, Bodies and Brains desperately need this especially in this Age!

With Love

Dr Howard Dennis

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