Here are 2 Quick Ways to Cut Back Inflammation

inflammation Jul 10, 2018

We all must manage inflammation in our lives.  Every choice for the good we make adds up day in and day out!  Here are 2 Simple Action Steps to decrease inflammation in our lives today:

  1. Get plenty of water, cruciferous vegetables, greens, good fats, low carbs, and mid to low protein to keep inflammation down.
  2. Manage our thoughts and actions!  Garbage out garbage in.  Garbage in garbage out.  It goes both ways (and so do smiles:).  When we harp and complain, this increases stress levels, cortisol levels and puts us in our basement brains!  We have a complaining epidemic in this world!  It's killing us!  I have people coming in to my office complaining of the rain like that makes a day bad.  No you choose it and label it that way.  If it's too hot, we blame a bad day on it!  Like this person was going to go out and enjoy the day if it was cooler.  They were going to stay in the A-C under roof all day anyways and watch the negative news!  That's the truth.  Being out walking in all climates helps challenge our bodies, minds and is great for our brains!  Practice stopping yourself from saying something bad about your day or anything else.  Pause.  Then attempt to say one good thing about it.  Stop agreeing with others who are doing the same!  Don't make their bad day yours!  Be healthier, happier and watch your life change right before your eyes!  Be careful!  You'll start attracting others into your life that will start talking about the beautiful rain, singing birds and hot sun kissing their cheeks!  Yes!!  That's what I'm talking about!

So go out there today!  (1) Stop digging your grave with your teeth! (2) Choose to see and share the good!  

Be a Shining Light today, and Lift someone up!  You and they will be happier and healthier for it!

Yours In Health and Light

Dr Howard Dennis