Uncategorized Feb 04, 2020

 Got my TN banjo music playing, and I’m ready for this New day!

Everyday should be treated as New cause it is!

I like to keep it simple. Take the complex day, and reduce it down to the simple. This is an Art! By the way, Art is creative which stimulates the part of your brain where your best Self lives!

What 2 simple actions can you do to keep things real & New?

  1. I use a planner daily. In work and my days off. During my first hour of being awake, I review my schedule & write on it. Then later I go through each scheduled individual patient member with my team again. We discuss what’s  important, what’s going on with and pray. The point is we create, visualize, feel & write a plan. The more you do it, even if you have 1 event or 1 person to meet, the better you get! 
  2. During that 1st hour your awake, think, write down who and/or what you’re Not going to take for granted! Start doing this, make the time  and a different level of happiness awaits you! 

Do these 2 simple actions, and let me know how your life opens up!

Go lift one soul up Today and Be a light 💥🚀...

Yours In Health, Happiness & Success,

Dr Howard Dennis, DC, CHPC

PS.  1. Plan for someone or something new daily 2. Write down who and/or what you won’t take for granted today!  If you’d love to stretch into your next best self, and would like to create a plan to launch from, I’m willing to do a discounted 1 hour Strategy Session on the phone with you to guide you through this process. Click HERE!