1 Stress Slaying To Do Tip Today!


This 1 Stress Slaying Tip neurologically and psychologically helps us Crawl Out of Our downstairs’ brain Transforming Renewing into Our Upstairs’ Brain.

This also stimulates Creativity which is 1 of the 7 Life Practices I love to preach  which’s essential for the Happy Life!

So get  your colored pencils and pens out!  Let’s go...

 I recommend drawing a repetitive seen of stress that negatively keeps popping up in your head as of late.  It may be ugly.  It may be a calm!  Either way, it’s an annoying scene.  Whatever it is, draw it!

For me, it’s my desk overran with countless tasks of paperwork out of order 😫! Awe it sends me into a frenzious monkey brain if I give it permission to!

Turn to your journal‘s next pg. 

Draw a Freedom Scene! To me it’s an eagle flying over a beautiful mountain set!  Sun shining bright!  Wind in my hair-I mean Feathers 😌!  Freedom!  Freedom!!  Oh wait we’re not done!

Now Flip back to the pg of negative stress.  STAB a large hole in it!  Awe, Let the Slaying Begin! Now your/my Freedom pg should be somewhat visible through it! 

Now, Look at your Stress.  Focus into the hole. See through to Freedom.  Now, in the name of Bob Sieger, Turn the Page!  

See!  Feel your senses of Freedom!

Whenever Overwhelm hits, step away. Breathe.  Eyes closed to the scene of stress.  Focus thru the hole to Freedom! Turn your mind’s page.  Breathe Freedom!

With Love

Dr Howard Dennis

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