Understand Yourself To DO Better!

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2019

When we understand ourselves better, we Do better!

Before we even begin, before our eyes were open, our brains were searching for social meaning and connection.  We are social from beginning to end!  We're not an island.  We all are connected.

The child brain is different in girls and boys to the age of 8.  Boys' brains learn through body movement and physical play the most til 8.  Then, they're ready to sit and learn.  

All stages of the brain need body movement for activation.  If you don't move, your brain literally shrinks!

2 things with an adolescent brain, is that this age craves new experiences and new relationships so much that, they will take high risks for these rewards to the fault of not thinking who else could be hurt by this.  Also, its important to speak with this age group with stories of your own experiences because this age group lacks the experiences in the brain to bounce off of.

With our adult brains, movement and good fats are essential nutrients!  Move daily!  Take a great fish oil supplement!  If you don't know where to start, I can help!  I've put recommendations at the bottom of this page only if you're interested.

Also, with the adult brain, remember relationships are the most important thing for our health!

Hope this serves you well!  Go out there and Shine Your Light Today!

Yours In Health and Success

Dr Howard Dennis, Certified High Performance Coach

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