Uncategorized Mar 17, 2020

Staying on tracking and being focused for the whole day can be a challenge right?   

I'd like to challenge you to implement three positive triggers that'll enrich your life.

Think about addicts. If you are a recovering addict, you need to walk circumspectly throughout your day.  Things you come across can trigger your impulses to go back to that drug, food or whatever behavior you struggle with.

This also works for the good, too.

We can develop triggers with the music we hear, the places we go, and for the people we meet.

Here are 3 positive triggers I challenge you to create for deeper connections, meaning and happiness in life:

  1. Create a positive trigger when you get in and out of your vehicle. At the close of my day when I'm done seeing client members, I get in my truck, pause and wipe the slate clean with a couple of deep breaths. When I get home, I open that truck door, get out of my truck and shut the door with an intention of "world's best dad" going into my house.  I had been going into my house all hot and bothered from the day without releasing and resetting.  My son didn't quite understand why I needed a minute.  I needed to fix me not him.  Do these releases and set intentions in your vehicle.  It's life changing.
  2. Create a positive trigger that goes off in your head for when you see that special person in your life.  What are you going to say in your head before you see them? World's best husband? World's best friend?  Make the time.  Create special triggers for the relationships you want in your life.
  3. Create a positive trigger when you go through a doorway.  Brendan Burchard, who wrote High Performance Habits, talks about this. When he goes through certain doorways, it triggers the intention he wants in that setting. I have a green sticker on each door at my office.  Before I see the next patient member, I touch it.  It wipes out what just happened clearing the past.  Now I'm ready and focused with 100% presence to help you coming through that next door.

Create and Incorporate these three triggers Today!

Go shine Bright today!!

Yours In Success & Health 

Dr Howard Dennis, Certified High Performance Coach

PS.  1. Create a positive trigger when you get in/out of your vehicle. 2. When you're meeting that special person in your life, create a positive trigger that goes off when you greet them.  3.  Create a positive trigger when you go through doorways.  If you'd like to experience a discounted, 1-Hour, High Performance Coaching Session with me, Dr. Howard Dennis, Simply Click HERE.  Sign up today!  It's that easy.