Can we work on this?


Laughter that is 😆 and one other thing, too, but first...

While I was in the middle of getting my CHPC at Brendon Burchard's Certified High Performance Coaching Training surrounded by such great hearts & minds which can be intimidating if given permission, I thought about this...

You know, when we laugh 🤣, endorphins and many other health building chemicals in our bodies are released!  A University of Maryland study linked laughter to healthy blood vessels lowering the risk of heart attacks!

Also, laughter lights up our 🧠’s pre-frontal cortexes which are where Our Best Selves Live 🥰!

Thus, Laughter Truly is Medicine 💉💊!  

It's even Biblical.  In Proverbs 17:22 it states, "A merry heart doth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones."  

You know our bone marrow is in the core our bones and responsible for making red blood cells which carry oxygen - Our Life Blood!

Also, at Our core Our treasure can be found.  Are We fine tuning our hearts?

So Be Open to, and give yourself permission to laugh more in the face of all good and/or challenge whether its self inflicted like intimidation in the face of pomp or even in life's tragedies.  

Laughter is proven and healthy!

Now to that other thing...

Are you struggling to bring the laughter, to stay focused, to get ahead, or to better influence your Team, Family and/or customers?

Do you need more advanced tools and strategies for becoming more productive, influential, and successful?

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With Love

Dr Howard Dennis, DC, CHPC

PS.  Remember, If you're struggling to stay focused, get ahead or better influence your family, team and/or customers and would like to reach your highest potential & performance in all you do, Simply click Here, enter your email and click the Sign Me Up button.  I'll email you a pdf application to print, and fill out entirely.  Then, scan and email it back to me from the email you received it.  Once I've reviewed if you're a right fit for 1 of 7 candidate spots for my high performance coaching process, I'll schedule a Free one-on-one strategy session!  I look forward to sharing the "Six Secrets of the World's Highest Performing Achievers" and Holding hands with you as we walk side by side in this Beauti-Full Journey of Life!