Uncategorized Mar 25, 2020


Are you challenged with balance? Aren't we all especially with this COVID-19 pandemic!

remember my preacher posing the question, "Which one of his 5 girls would he say he loves the most?"  

Should you show favoritism?

Who do you love the most?

Do you love all your children, people of your circle and/or all your family members equally?

Do you love all of the people around you equally?

He stated I love the one the most who needs it the most right then!

To me that's spot on!  

So it's kind of like life, sometimes you have to tend things that may not seem high on your priority list but that may be the most important thing in that moment. There is no balance in this hectic world. Life will never be balanced so to speak.

Life is in seasons. There's Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Spring it's time to get planting those seeds.  Whatever you do, it's time to get to work.  Plant those seeds now.  Reach out and invest concern with others.  Be a Helper!

In the summer, cultivate, you tend to that garden, you tend to your life.  You make those calls.  Work your relationships.  Work it.  Keep on keeping on.

Fall is harvest time.  Get to picking.  Reap. Bring it in!  Work it.

There's a time in the Winter to plan and reflect.  What do you look like at the end of this coming year and the next? Plan and write that out now.

Today is the time to think about these things.

So what season of Life are you in right now?  

When I recorded this, the COVID-19 pandemic hadn't hit yet, but it's here!

So is the opportunity to Reevaluate and Choose your next best move going forward.

What season are you in? Where do you need to be invested now to create a sense of balance through these seasons of life?

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Go out there today, and choose to see and reflect on where you are and what season you're in.

I encourage you to get to work and put that pedal to the metal! Go be a light today! 

Yours In Success & Health 

Dr Howard Dennis, Certified High Performance Coach

PS.  1. Spring is the time to plant those seeds of what you planned in your winter 2. Summer is the time to cultivate and nourish those relationships as they grow, removing the weeds and trimming up things. 3. Fall is the time to harvest the fruits of your labor!  4. Winter is the time to let go, plan, reflect and plan.  Some seasons of life are more difficult than others.  Stay persistent.  You'll make it through the long game!  If you'd like to experience a discounted High Performance Coaching Session with me, Dr. Dennis, Simply Click HERE.