3 Choices For Greater Connection

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2018

I know, shakey video, but has good messages.  Also, the way my Beautiful Son greets me as I turn the corner walking towards my gate is a Master-Full Moment.

This leads me to:

Choice #1: Choose to Be Open and Observatory!

We are 80% sensory and should use this strength to Win Our Moments. 

We're constantly being bombarded with endless information and stimuli day in and day out.   

Many of us carry this harbored energy clamped down in our bodies blocking new relationships, experiences, connections and even making us ill.

Practice being an open receiver not a closed defender.

Choice #2: Pray, chill and meditate often.  Be Cool Man!  This and Body work help our flow, flexibility and to connect.  It's all about We Not Me!

Choice #3: We Will All Win When We Choose to Bring Our Best Energy!  This isn't about being fake happy. 

No matter what tragedy or high we're going through, Bring it!  Others that are open get it. 

Life is Beautiful!

Go Be the Light You Can Be Today!

Yours In Health & Love

Dr Howard Dennis

PS.  Remember, Be Open, Be Cool, Be Prayer-Full, and Bring Your Best Always!  If any of this resonates with you, please share with a friend, and Click HERE for Free Inspiration, Health Tips, and News on Awesome Stuff Coming Soon!