3 Investments With Guaranteed Return

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2020

Have you been challenged with investments you've been making or made?
However, there're 3 Free investments with a guaranteed return:  

  1. Invest in something Bigger than You that’s worthy.  Read something inspirational first thing to win your mornings. Go volunteer for a worthy cause.  Visit the sick. Recycle.
  2. Invest in yourself.  Read, write, sing, paint or play an instrument. Do a Free course online or purchase one. I recently just did a Free Pixar storytelling class. It was excellent!  Invest in yourself to Be better for yourself and ...
  3. Invest in someone else.  Be a mentor. Coach someone. Pour into others because you can!  Do it without expectation of return.  Your returns will come back tenfold!

Practice these simple investments routinely with great dividends to follow! Go! Be a light today!

Yours In Health and Success 

Dr Howard W Dennis, DC, CHPC 

PS.  1. Invest in something Bigger than you like to a Great cause with your time.  2. Invest in a great book or free online course.  3. Invest pouring into another person.  If you’d like to do a discounted strategy coaching session with me, Dr D, Simply click Here.