How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying, "No, I Haven't Done It, But I've Been Meaning to!"?

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2018

How often do we give resistance permission to guide us?

Permission in the form of doubt, delay,  food, drugs (legal and/or illegal),  cleaning the same shelf 50 times, worrying what other people think, say, do...

or even loved ones trying to protect you from what they don't understand you're becoming because you're Not showing them cause you're too darn distracted?

In this age of comfort, technology has given us endless forms of distraction(s) and even Hogwash that we need this pill, gadget or special gizmo Be this or Become that!  

There has been no greater Times than NOW to Get Back On Purpose!  

Because, NOW is ALL that we have!

Whatever We want to do, accomplish, Not to do or just BE, We have to set our Intentions and Have More Purpose in Our Lives.

Incorporate these 2 FREE Purpose Builders TODAY and Don't Look Back:

  1. Do it for the Love of it!  Ask yourself,  If I was the last person on the planet, would I still (ex. knit, lift, run, basket weave, journal, speak, etc.)?
  2. Do it for something Bigger (ex. God, pushing humanity forward 1 mm, etc.)!

So let's BE More PurposeFULL and Shine Our Lights Today!

Yours In Light

Dr Howard Dennis

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