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Dr. Howard Dennis, DC, CHPC

Dr. Howard Dennis, DC, CHPC, is a Certified High Performance Coach, Speaker, Author and Dr. of World Class Athletes, Artists, Authors, Coaches, Dads, Doctors, Human Beings being human, Moms and Speakers.  

He understands We are wired for We and not Me which Neurology, Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology show us.  This is why Dr. Dennis has became a Certified High Performance Coach because he has always valued and sought after Next Level examples, information & relationships.  

Through his products and Certified High Performance Coaching, a process is created to explore all the ways you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life. As a Certified Coach, his job is to work with you in this process through 5 different areas: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence.

We feel that if you develop mastery in these five areas, then you’ll feel more purposeful and fulfilled. So, as a coach, he typically explores how clear you feel about your overall life and goals; whether or not you have the physical energy and mental stamina to perform your best; how confident and bold you are showing up in the world; what distractions or poor habits cause you fall off course and what routines can keep you on track; and,finally what you can do to better influence, lead and inspire your family and all those you serve. You develop self-mastery in this process and discover new beliefs, habits and tools that help you join the world’s most successful people.


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