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Redmond Growth Consulting

"Being a coach of coaches, having my coaching business that coaches businesses all over the country, and being a believer in being coached myself, Dr Dennis' coaching program has been absolutely off the charts! He understands where I'm coming from, and what's holding me back. He's helped me pull out of that to take constructive action. I highly recommend Dr Howard Dennis..." -Tim Redmond, CEO, RG Consulting


Dr. Levesque, COO, Integrative Medical Solutions 

Before finding Dr Howard Dennis as a Coach, I was unsatisfied with my career, income, my personal relationships were suffering even with my wife, and we were even considering divorce. Then I found coaching from Dr. Howard Dennis, and It's made a profound difference in my life!  He's inspired me to choose a new career in my field.  It has made a great difference in my relationships especially with my wife! We're doing great!  So I just want to say thank you very much Dr. Dennis.  I continue to study with Dr. Dennis. I highly recommend his coaching!"

-Dr Dan Levesque


"Dr Howard Dennis is rated very high on my list… "

Irene Lewis
Irene's Barber and Style Ctr.

"Dr Howard Dennis straightened me out. I’ve chosen him for over 10 years at an excellent value. "

Dale Fair
CEO, Bank of Tennessee

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