How Do The World’s Highest-Performing People Create
True Joy, Abundance, Love, Connection and Contribution?


Learn the SIX HABITS OF HIGH PERFORMANCE that can dramatically improve your life and career!


What you will learn in this FREE training...

A Clear Plan For Success!

What if you could show up as your most courageous self every single day? 

When you have a game-plan for success the path becomes clearer.  It pulls you forward.  Your possibilities are endless.  

Discover Your True Potential!

What would happen if you could really go for it in your life?

Learn the small things you can do on a daily or weekly basis to transform the quality of your life in my next video.

Dr. Howard Dennis

Author and creator of 'Practice.Expert', Speaker and Certified High Performance Coach. Dr. Dennis has been in business for over 26 years as a Health and Life Coach.  Dr. Dennis' mission is to inspire & collaborate with you to Grow, Transform & Transcend in Your Life through his coaching!  

High Performance is succeeding beyond standard norms, consistently over the long term while maintaining good, positive well being, health and relationships.  High Performances demands the Best from Yourself.

In Dr. Dennis' next video, He'll touch on leading you through a discovery process to:

  • Help You with better decision making.
  • Start to improving How You Show Up in life.
  • Improve your overall life performance.  
  • Create better life experiences with less stress, increased thoughtfulness & have improved genuine life expression.